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Manage users

You can invite and edit user profiles as well as deactivate user accounts. You can also create groups and assign users to specific groups. Groups can be useful to allocate users.

In Bynder Orbit, to make the process of creating new users easier, you invite users. See Invite users .

To manage users, go to dehaze > Settings > Users & rights.

Edit users

  1. Go to go to c.
  2. In the User management tab click more_horiz for a specific user.
  3. Click Edit.
  4. Open the User profile tab and edit the personal details and company details. The user will also be able to edit this data when they edit their own profile.
  5. Open the User account tab, and update the email address of the user and update the password for the user. The user will be able to change the password if needed.
    If you have selected SSO only in the SSO settings, this the password section will not be visible. Users will only be able to log in using their Google account credentials.
  6. If a user has accepted your invitation his/her account is active. If you have the user management rights you can deactivate accounts as needed. To do so, click Deactivate. Inactive accounts will not be deleted and will still show in your user overview with the status: Deactivated.
    Only the users with active accounts can log in to the portal. If you decide to deactivate a user, s/he will be notified about this by email.
  7. Open the Permissions & groups tab to add users to groups and select the permission profile for them. Only the users with the permission and group management rights can edit permission and group settings.

    person As a Free Forever user you have an owner and a contributor user profile. You can customize the contributor profile if needed. If you feel you'd benefit from being able to create more profiles, become a Plus user. Click dehaze to open the menu and click Account overview in the Account tab.

  8. Click Edit to select a permission profile.
  9. Open the Groups drop-down list and select one or more groups to which the user should belong and click Add. The added groups will show under the drop-down.
    To create groups, see Create and manage groups.

Delete users

  • In the User management view click more_horiz for a specific user. Next, click Delete.
  • To delete multiple users, select the users from the table and click delete in your action bar.

    delete users

Customize the User management view

  • Click settings to select the columns you want to see in your view. The Name, Email, Status and Permission profile columns display be default. Selecting extra columns adds them to the overview table.
  • Use to sort columns. You can also change the number of results displaying on the page.
  • If you have many users, the results show on multiple pages. Use to change pages.

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