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Invite users

To make creating accounts easier for you, you only need to invite users to your portal, and their profiles get automatically created. When they click the link in the invitation and enter their profile details their user account becomes active.

Normally, first time users need to create their password. This is not the case if you have opted for SSO only in your SSO settings. See Account settings.

You can invite users once your portal has been set up.

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Invite users

  1. Go to dehaze > Settings > Users & rights.
  2. In the User management tab, click Invite users.
  3. Enter the emails of the people you want to invite.
  4. Select the permission profile you want to grant to these users.
  5. Click Invite users.

An email invitation is sent out to users. When users click Accept invite, they are requested to crate their login and password credentials (if the login is not SSO only), provide some details, and they become active users.

accept invitation

You can track pending and expired invitations in the Invitation management tab. Normally, an invitation expires after 7 days. If the user accepts the invite, their account gets created and they show in the User management tab as active users.

Manage invitations

  1. Go to dehaze > Settings > Users & rights.
  2. Open the Invitation management tab to see which invitations have been sent out and are still pending and the expired invitations.
  3. (Optional) To resend invitations, select one or multiple users and click .
  4. (Optional) To revoke invitations, select one or multiple users and click .

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