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Get started with permission profiles

Permission profiles define what you can do in the portal. For example, an administrator needs to be able to do more than a regular user. Definitely, you do not want to give everyone permissions to, for example, change the look and feel of your portal. Also, if you have sensitive files in your portal, you need to decide carefully what types of users can see them.

person As a Free Forever user you have two user profiles available. If you feel you'd benefit from being able to create more profiles, become a Plus user. Click dehaze to open the menu and click Account overview in the Account tab.

If you want to have a go at creating and customizing your own profiles, read through the following points to know where to start:

  1. Describe each type of the user you have in a sentence. That will give you a general idea of what the role of this user type is. For example, this user should be able to view and download files.
  2. Do not try to create too many profiles. Then the differences between them will become obscure.
  3. Create descriptive names for profiles so that it's clear to everyone what they can do. For example, instead of calling a profile: Brand Manager, call it Upload and Download user.
  4. Create the most limited profile first and then work your way up to the most advanced one. Each next profile should have the rights of the previous profile and more.
  5. Be careful to give users the right to delete files. Sometimes users might just want to remove files from a collection and they delete a file instead.

What next...

Try customizing your profiles. See Manage permissions.