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Share files

You can easily share files with other users of Bynder Orbit or external users, such as your photographers or fellow freelancers. You can share one or multiple files at once with a single user or several users.

For information on sharing a collection, see Manage collections.

Sharing files affects your traffic allowance. To upgrade your allowance, become a Plus user. To verify your traffic allowance, check the details of your plan. Click dehaze >Account and click Account overview to see the details.

Share one or more files

  1. In the file overview, select the files to share. You can also share from the file detail page.
  2. Click share.
    • To show the files as a page in Orbit and allow Orbit users to access individual files, select Share as webpage.
  3. (Optional) If you want to recipients to receive an email with the share link, enter their email addresses in the Invite people field.

    share files

    To quickly share with your team members or Orbit groups, simply click in the field or start typing. Next, select recipients from the suggestions drop-down that displays and click Add. This is a good way of quickly sharing files with groups!
    Click Add to confirm your selection. This button displays only if you select a current Orbit user or group.

    add users to share with

  4. Open the expiration date drop-down and set the expiration date for the share. Setting the expiration date makes your share more secure as users will not be able to open the share past this date.

    set share exriry date

  5. Click Create link.
    Create the link even if you share files by email.

    The link popup shows the rights users have to the files you share with them. In this case, users can only view and download the files.

    create link

  6. (Optional) Click mode_edit and decide if you want users to log in to see the share or not. If you toggle Require login, the created link will be private. Otherwise, the link will be public (default option).

    require login

  7. (Optional) Click Copy link to copy it to the clipboard. When the files are shared, you can just copy the link in a chat.
  8. Click Done.

When recipients open the share link either from their email or chat, a webpage with the shared files displays.

shared page

Share files that are not in your file library

If you want to share files that are not in your file library, but are, for example on your computer, you can do so with transfer. When you share, the files do not get uploaded to your portal. You can use transfer to share files internally and externally because users do not need to log in to Orbit to see the files.

  1. In your file overview click and select your files.


    Alternatively, you can use our drag and drop feature. Just drag the files onto your Orbit screen and select Transfer files.
  2. Click Create link to create a public share link that you can send by chat. You will see the link when you click to transfer the files.

    Alternatively, enter the email addresses of the people you want to share the files with. They will receive an email with the download link for the files.

  3. Select the expiry time for the transfer. After this time, recipients will not be able to access the transfer. The creators of the transfer will still be able to open the transfer link after the expiry time has passed.
    If you do not make any selection, the default expiry time of one month will be applied.

    expiry date

  4. (Optional) If you want to add more files to your transfer, open the Files tab and add them.

    add more files to transfer

  5. Click Share.

Now you can send the link in an email or in a chat to whoever needs the files. They will be able to view and download the files using the link. If you have entered email addresses, the recipients will receive an email with a download link.

You can hover over the shared file, click more_horiz and click Copy link. Then you can paste the link in a chat and share the file further.

person_add Manage shares

As a Plus user, you have an option to see your sharing history with the info on when a share expires, when it was sent, what the name of the share is, what the share's link is, and many more. You can also edit or delete your share from the overview as well as search for a particular share or filter shares on selected criteria.

To manage your shares, go to account_circle > My shares. You can only see this option if you have the permission to share files.

  • Click more_horiz in the table header to customize the columns that show in the overview. You can add or deduct columns by selecting or de-selecting them.
  • Click more_horiz for a particular share to open the action menu. In the menu, you can:
    • download the shared files,
    • edit share - select this option to adjust the expiry date, change the share's name, add a recipient to the list or change assess permissions,
    • delete share - if you select this option, the share will no longer appear in the overview and the recipients will not be able to access it.
  • Click the share title to go to this share's detail page.

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