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Search and filter for files

You can use the search bar to easily find your files. You can search on keywords, names, descriptions, tags, and categories.

To find files with specific extensions you can also use the extension filter.

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Use search bar

You can search on file name, description, keywords, tags, and channels. The search results show you single files first and then results found in channels and collections.

Search results are listed based on the relevance. The items with the keyword in the name will be listed first. We also have partial search matching, so if you enter only a part of your keyword phrase, the top results will show closest matches, and then suggestions.
  1. Enter the keyword in the search bar. You do not need to hit Enter - results display on the fly.
  2. Hover over each result in the list to view the file data in the right-hand pop-up.
    If you're searching for a specific tag, it will also be displayed in the right-hand pop-up.

    search for tag

  3. Click the View asset button to go to the file detail page.


  4. Search results always show you the name of the file and its extension.
  5. To browse collections that come up in search, hover over the results in the Collections section, and click View collection to see collection details.
    Use the arrows to see the files in the collection.

    search for collections

Use filters

You can use filters to filter your files categories, file extensions and status, or on the users who have added the files.

  1. In your file overview, click to open the filters list.
  2. Click the + in the filter section you want to open.
  3. Select one or more filters you need.

    expand filters

  4. To close the filter section, click .

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