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Upload and manage files

Managing files is all about uploading, downloading and editing them. These tasks are super easy with Bynder Orbit. You can upload files from your computer or import them directly from Google Drive or Dropbox.

We support all common media file formats — including images and documents — and automatically generate a thumbnail preview during upload.

Upload files from computer

  1. In Orbit, click cloud_upload Upload.
    For Chrome, simply drag and drop the entire folder into Orbit to start the upload.


  2. Pick your files. The upload starts automatically.
    Depending on whether you are a Free Forever or a Plus user, your storage capacity differs. The limitations to the size and number of files you can upload are your storage and the limitations of the browser you're using.
  3. (Optional) To add another file, click the plus icon.

    importing assets

  4. Click Edit and save to update your files. You can change the file name, or add descriptions and tags.
  5. (Optional) By default all the files are selected. If you do not want to update all of them, clear the selection for the files you do not want to change.
  6. (Optional) Type the description and update the file name if necessary.

    add a description

    If you edit the selected files, and, for example, update the name, this name will be applied to all selected files.
  7. Add category options or tags to your file. You can either create new ones by entering the tag or option name in the drop-downs or you can select an existing tag or option from the list.

    link existing categories

  8. To upload more files while you're editing click add in the top left-hand corner of the edit screen. To minimize the edit screen, click fullscreen_exit in the top right-hand corner.
  9. Click Save.
  10. (Optional) Click Show new files to see the new files in the overview.
  11. There are no upload limits but in every free account there’s a limit of 10GB traffic.
    Orbit runs an automatic AI recognition scan on the files. The recognized objects are turned to tags in the background. You can search on those tags later on to find the file.

Add or edit description

  • If you want to add a description to a file you are uploading, click Edit and save on the upload pop-up, select the file, type the description and save. You can update the file name in the same way.

    add a description

  • If you want to add a description to an existing file, click on the file and type the description in the field. If the description is already there, you can change or update it. You can enter up to 1000 characters. In the same way you can update the name of a file.

Edit multiple files

  • If you are editing existing files, select them and click mode_edit in the action bar. Enter the names or the descriptions for the selected files and click Save. If you do not want to update names or descriptions for any of the selected files, just clear your selection.
  • To add descriptions or update names of the files you are uploading, click Edit and save on your upload pop-up, select the files, type the descriptions or update names and click Save.

    edit and save

  • If you have added certain tags or options to specific files only, and later want to add tags to all files, the numbers on these tags/options help you monitor how many files have originally been enriched.

    edit multiple files

    Click the plus icon on the tags/options to add the tag to all files you're editing. Similarly, click the cross icon on an added option/tag to clear it for all the edited files.
  • To clear tags/options that have been added to selected files only, open the drop-down menu and de-select the tag/option.

    clear option

Hide metadata

  • Click on the file to go to the detail page and click info_outline to hide the metadata. If you want to see the file in detail, click on the file itself. For more information on metadata, see Display metadata in files.

Download files

  • To download a file from the overview page, select the file, and click file_download Download files in the top bar. You can also select and download multiple files at once.
  • You can also download a file from the file detail page. Click on the file to open the page and click file_download. Select the files you want to download.

    select files to download

Delete files

  1. In the file overview, select the files.
  2. Click the delete icon in the action bar.
  3. You cannot restore the deleted files.

Copy file link

  1. Click more_horiz on a file and select Copy link.

    Now you can just paste the link in a chat to share the file.

Add tags and categories to existing files

  1. In your overview, select one or multiple files.
  2. Click mode_edit.
  3. Assign categories by selecting the options from the drop-downs.

    assign categories

  4. Add tags in the Tags drop-down. You can either type new tags or select existing tags from the drop-down.

You can also add tags and assign categories on the file detail page. Click on a file in the overview, and add tags in the Tags section. To assign categories, edit the Categories section.

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